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Installing Centminmod on CentOS 7

CentminMod is a LEMP stack auto installer for an optimized Nginx, MariaDB, PHP-FPM & CSF Firewall stack for CentOS 6 & 7 developed by George Liu (eva2000). Nginx & PHP version management, adding Nginx vhost sites and WordPress auto installer with WordPress caching via a shell menu based. Centmin Mod 1.2.3-eva2000.08 (123.08stable) added a centmin.sh menu option 23 for Git environment easier code updates and auto updates. The Config Files page gives you an overview of the stack’s structure.

CentminMod Addons are available to extend the features of the LEMP install – including free SSL certificates via Letsencrypt & Nginx Brotli Compression and KernelCare integration in latest Centmin Mod beta release.

How to Install it

Run one of The Installer from Below.

Default PHP 5.6 Beta Installer

yum -y update; curl -O https://centminmod.com/betainstaller.sh && chmod 0700 betainstaller.sh && bash betainstaller.sh

PHP 7.0.x Default Beta Installer

yum -y update; curl -O https://centminmod.com/betainstaller7.sh && chmod 0700 betainstaller7.sh && bash betainstaller7.sh

PHP 7.1.x Default Beta Installer

yum -y update; curl -O https://centminmod.com/betainstaller71.sh && chmod 0700 betainstaller71.sh && bash betainstaller71.sh

PHP 7.2.x Default Beta Installer

yum -y update; curl -O https://centminmod.com/betainstaller72.sh && chmod 0700 betainstaller72.sh && bash betainstaller72.sh

PHP 7.3.x Default Beta Installer

yum -y update; curl -O https://centminmod.com/betainstaller73.sh && chmod 0700 betainstaller73.sh && bash betainstaller73

Once installed your can run bash or reboot server to load new bash shell

run cmdir you will navigate to “/usr/local/src/centminmod”

How to use centminmod


Centminmod Addons can be found in path /usr/local/src/centminmod/addons

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